Hi, I’m Anne. I have been quilting for approximately 20 years .  Like most people I started small but caught the bug and that journey began….

I love the process of designing and piecing – colours, shape and fun!  Hand, free motion quilting, stencil or stitching in the ditch held no joys for me as I didn’t enjoy the process on my domestic machine and I rarely achieved the look I was striving for, however I had a dream!

At the beginning of 2017 and after being made redundant the year earlier, my (not so) wee Beastie arrived.  The learning process began.  Tops that were waiting for completion were pulled out and I played, learned and developed my skills.  The joy of seeing the difference that quilting makes to a quilt caught up with me.

I live in Dunoon, Argyll – a beautiful part of the world.  There are many quilters in Argyll however I do not know of any other people in Argyll who provide this service.  As a rural area we are well used to having to look further afield for goods and often services and I want to help quilters near and far to complete the WIP’s  in as affordable a way as possible.  I feel this would be an honour to be given quilts to complete as they are valuable and often very special to those who have made them.

When I married my Andrew in 1984 I became a part of a team with support going both ways.  He was in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary and often away for months, this left me with more free time to sew.  Our wonderful sons Neil and Iain grew up surrounded with fabric, pins and threads and realised that when they moved out I was moving into the next biggest bedroom for a sewing room.  In 2016 when I knew I was getting my Gammill (no bedroom would cope) the biggest cupboard, ie the Garage, was cleaned out and with lovely big French doors, lighting and heating installed my new Happy Space was born.  The rest, they say, is history!!

Over the years of being involved with quilting I have met many  lovely people.  Often sharing knowledge, support and generally the love of patchwork and quilting.  I am looking forward to meeting even more, albeit possibly only over the telephone/email systems.

This web site has not been easy for me, I would far rather sit behind a sewing machine than focus on web site development, however I thank you for taking time to look at this and finding out a little more about the service I want to provide.